Purchase Our Proprietary Blended Spices in Utica, NY

Make Sure Your Kids Get Their Veggies

Every parent knows what a struggle it can be to get kids to eat vegetables. If you're tired of playing "here comes the airplane" and being at the table half the night, it's time to try a different tactic.

Blend Spices has proprietary spice blends available in Utica, NY. Proprietary spices are a popular dietary supplement, and ours is perfect for kids. You can shake this dried vegetable blend into food or give it directly to your child. It's time to win the battle for vegetables. Buy our blended spices for parents today.

3 important reasons to use our proprietary spices

When it comes to what you feed your kids, you'll want to be sure you're giving them top-quality products. Our spice blends are the best option because...

1. We use organic ingredients made in-house
2. Our spices contain key vitamins and nutrients
3. We make our proprietary blend from ground veggies

You'll be confident your kids are eating delicious and healthy food. Learn more about our blended spices by contacting us today.